Drivers Generation site review

Here at AnyM we often think peoples branding isn’t clear enough. With that in mind may I introduce Driver Generation – in pursuit of affordable driving perfection.’ This site, built and managed by Andy Turner does exatly what is say’s on the tin. Infact if you delve a little deeper and check out his Twitter page you’ll find an even more refreshing synopsis, “All the best affordable drivers cars in one easily digestable lump. A car buying resource for skint petrolheads, like me.” Simples!

When discovering Andy’s site we were instantly intrigued. Reality seemed to disappear for a moment as all these amazing cars loaded in front of us. Basically a one stop shop of inspiration for proper car shopping! Loads of thoughts popped into our heads, “did we agree with them all? How many BMW’s are on there? (naturally) and what additional information is on offer?”

I won’t spoil the experience by answering, instead stop there for you to have your own… If you leave with one thing though, we think it’ll be the refreshingly direct tone of voice that Andy uses to deliver this simple but awesome idea.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience Andy, thank you. Although surely there’s a few M cars missing no?!

Drivers Generation can be found here and you can also follow him on Twitter here.

Andy feels the E39 M5 qualifies to be on his site – the review can be found here.

The E46 M3 is a clear member, review here.

Perhaps unfairly jinxed by it’s predecessor but the E36 M3 is rightly listed here.

…and of course, the Z3 M Coupe.

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